Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas use infrared light to heat your body while the air around you stays unchanged. There are many benefits from using an infrared sauna, some are immediate and some are long-term after your session. Benefits include; detoxification, better sleep, weight loss, exercise recovery, relief from joint pain, skin improvement, increased energy and circulation.

Relaxation Space

Our property consists of three separate outdoor relaxation spaces for you to take in nature, soak in vitamin D and enjoy yourself. We also our serene cottage with plenty of seating to relax. Whether you are hanging out with friends or enjoying time on your own, we have a space for you!

Steam Shower 

Benefits include; relaxation, skin improvement, boost in metabolism, exercise recovery, respiratory health by reducing inflammation. 

Hypervibe Weight Loss And Lymphatic Drainage Programs

Experience the scientifically supported benefits of Whole-body Vibration Therapy. 
Where conventional exercise has failed, researchers at the European Space Agency have successfully used Whole Body Vibration to completely prevent the degeneration in bone and muscle during prolonged weightlessness by using Whole Body Vibration.

If you want maximum results with minimum time and effort your aim should be to use the highest G-forces you feel comfortable with. There are many secondary benefits of Hypervibe such as; Destabilization & Stimulation of muscle reflexes, Muscle Pumping & Fluid Movement, Mobilization of joints & Muscles, and Rapid Heating of Joints & Muscles. .

Hot Tub
Benefits include; stress relief, muscle relaxation, improved cardiovascular health, pain relief, improved sleep and increases calorie burn.