Cryo Therapy to Treat Cellulite

$300 (Series of 5 $1250, Series of 8 $1800, Series of 10 $2000 )
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Cryo for cellulite

The low temperatures that are used throughout cryotherapy for cellulite reduction actually penetrate under the skin.  Cellulite is caused by subcutaneous deposits of fats all through the body that are found principally in the belly, thighs, and hips.  Temperatures that are below freezing will trigger the fluids that bind fat cells together to crystallize.  This crystallization really destroys the cell and the bonds holding the deposits together.  Repeated remedies will slowly take away upper layers of fat.  The cells which have been destroyed are pulled into the blood stream after which they are disposed of by means of the lymphatic system.

Cryo for Cellulite Monthly Maintenance Price*: $175
*Monthly Maintenance treatments must be performed once a month in consecutive months to qualify for pricing.

Advantages of Cryo Therapy:

  • Non invasive treatment
  • No need for hospitalization or anesthesia
  • No scars nor long term markings of the skin
  • No discomfort
  • Elimination of the fat through a natural process
  • 10-60 min per session
  • Affordable

Why can you not eat sugar for 2 hours after?

To get the best results following a cryo session, you should not eat sugar 2 hours before and after the session. The reason is sugar is a strong power source for fat cells. It’s factual, all nutritionists would attest that to succeed a diet slimming, sugar is the first thing to stop. As you know, the cold weakens and retracts the adipocyte but if you eat sugar, that will give it back immediate energy so the apoptosis effect will be less efficient even could be canceled. Be careful, when we talk about sugar, we talk about all kind of sugars as slow sugar (pasta, rice, bread, cereals…) and of course fast-acting sugar. If possible, the client could avoid all kind of sugar for 4/5 hours before and after the cryo session but it’s a maximum. 2 hours is the usual recommended time to get results.

Cryo for Drainage

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Valuable for clients suffering from Edema, heavy legs, Slow Metabolism or sinus pressure

Women who have had breast cancer surgery with lymph node removal usually have a problems diffusing fluid in arms and abdomen. 

Benefits of Lymphatic drainage:

  • Improving circulation to the lymphatic system
  • Removing waste and toxins from the lymph nodes
  • Reducing the swelling of lymphedema (the abnormal collection of high-protein fluid sitting underneath the skin)
  • Improving range of motion
  • Decreasing pain from injuries or lower back pain, swollen joints, knees or hips

Since our lymph nodes play a huge role in response to our immune system, it is important that they experience drainage in the lympatic system. When lymph nodes become swollen (particularly in the neck, underarms or groin), that indicates an abundance of bacteria in the lymph fluid.

Cryo Therapy for Skin Toning/Tightening

$175 (Series of 5 $750, Series of 10 $1250)
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Useful in treating loose crepey skin.

Cryo improves the general condition of the skin by increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin. Frequent Cryo tightens the skin and prevents wrinkles. During Cryo treatment the skin vessels and capillaries undergo a period of vasoconstriction (constriction of blood vessels) followed by vasodilatation (dilation of blood vessels) upon finishing the session. This causes toxins stored in the layers of the skin to be broken down and flushed away. The intense cold activates collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin, leaving your skin firm and tight.

After several applications, clients have noticed the skin becoming smoother and more even toned with regained elasticity and improved overall “youthful” feeling. Provoking a shock by cooling and or shocking (alternating cold and warm) the skin with Cryo around the face and neck, triggers deep layers of collagen into production. This will smooth out facial lines, reduce blemishes, wrinkles and makes tighter appearance within few minutes. A full set of applications (from 4 to 8) will naturally begin to renew production of collagen. Consequently, the result of a course of treatments is a long lasting return of a more youthful, clear and youngest skin.

  • Appearance of wrinkles and fine lines shall be highly reduced.
  • Production of collagen resulting in fuller, more youthful and beautiful rejuvenated skin.
  • Puffiness around the eyes shall be significantly reduced or totally eliminated.
  • Pores on the face and neck shall be reduced in size, limiting the intake of toxins, dirt and grime.
  • Benefits over lymphatic system, flushing away built up toxins, soothe inflammation and irritation, removing puffiness, and redness.
  • Skin conditions like Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne and Psoriasis could be reduced.
  • Metabolic rate increases, Endorphin levels shall be stimulated.

After one session you can clearly see the reduction of lines, puffiness and clearing of skin color.

Brazilian Butt lift

$175 (Series of 5 for $750)
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The non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift is a great procedure for someone who wants to improve the contour, shape and give lift to the buttock area without surgery.

CryoToning can also help address dimpling or irregularities on the buttock and thigh areas.

Patients who opt for non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lifts typically do not want or are not candidates for surgery. We recommend 2-4 sessions for best results.

Double Chin

(Add On To Any Procedure) 
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Both men and women detest the unpleasant sight of a double chin (medically known as submental fullness). So many of our clients have tried everything possible to reduce or eliminate double chin— from facial or jaw exercises, purported to tighten the area under the chin, to surgical procedures. Fortunately, there’s a new way to get rid of the double chin permanently without surgery.

Cryolipolysis also known as “fat freezing” is a new procedure that involves the non-invasive cooling of body fat to break down fat cells, resulting in a reduction of body fat without damage to other tissues. It involves a series of sessions that destroy fat cells and tighten up your neck. Once destroyed, the cells can no longer store fat. You don’t have to carry around that unnecessary extra chin anymore!

   A double chin is caused by accumulation of excess fat and loose skin on the neck right under the chin, which causes the appearance of a second area of fullness called a double chin. It can be caused by obesity, genetics, or aging. Whatever the cause is, the site of a double chin impacts the way your face looks and your confidence.

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