Cryo Facial

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Cryolift Facial

$150 (Series of 5 $500, Series of 10 $850)
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Increases collagen production. Reduces pores. Evens skin tone.

Popular in Paris. Anticipated stateside. Now in your backyard.
The cryolift facial is a non-invasive cold therapy for the face, neck and hands. The cold feeling you’re going to experience causes a boosting effect of the skin’s microcirculation. A series of vasoconstrictions are followed by vasodilations, known as paradoxical vasomotricicty, which stimulates circulation promoting better oxygenation of dermal cells. This procedure instantaneously tightens the skin, increases collagen production, reduces pores and puffiness, and evens your skin tone.

Cryolift Facial Monthly Maintenance Price*: $85
*Monthly Maintenance treatments must be performed once a month in consecutive months to qualify for pricing. 

(Pictured results after only two out of five sessions.)

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